Welcome to ASTRIIS!

Under the designation “Atlantic Sustainability Through Remote and In-situ Integrated Solutions”, ASTRIIS is a Portuguese R&D project, funded by Portugal2020, whose main objective focuses on the development of information services to support the sustainable development of the Blue Economy.

ASTRIIS aims to help overcome the current dispersion – or, in some cases, non-existence – of information on the marine environment, essential for the development of economic sectors in the sphere of the Blue Economy, with high potential for growth and value generation, as well as the safeguarding of marine life and the various ocean resources.

The project will help to fill the existing knowledge gaps by collecting, harmonising and making available data on the observation of the marine environment with in-situ means and new applications based on Earth observation via remote sensing, either by space platforms or by aerial means.

The technological solutions to be developed under ASTRIIS aim essentially at the promotion of maritime economic activities and safety, and the environmental protection of the marine environment. Specifically, the project aims to create information products and services to support aquaculture, marine renewable energies, search and rescue actions in the ocean and the identification of toxic algae blooms, oil spills, and plastic pollution in the ocean.

Regarding the exploitation of results, ASTRIIS will respond to concrete market needs in the context of maritime spatial planning and sustainable and integrated management of the ocean and coastal areas, as well as the respective decision-making processes. The project also contemplates the creation of digital products open to the wider society, some of which will be developed for educational purposes and ocean literacy.

Under the leadership of Tekever Space, the project consortium includes +ATLANTIC CoLAB, CEiiA, ISR, MARETEC and CERENA from Instituto Superior Técnico, LSTS from Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Universidade do Algarve, Universidade do Minho, ISQ, Tekever AS, WavEC, Oceanscan, Abyssal, Hidromod and Spin.Works. ASTRIIS is scheduled to end on 28 February 2023.